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The Concept

What is the InterApp Solution about?

The Inter App Solution is a next generation information and a task governance tool that enables businesses to manage the compliance of every document and instruction relevant to the distribution of the information and monitoring / managing and recording the instructions / tasks that apply. A full audit trail is created and no information can be deleted.

Corporate Governance became a pressing issue for companies to comply in SA per the King Code of Governance Principles and the King Report on Governance (King III) and other Government regulatory laws in other countries.

IAS encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

Through messaging and sharing documentation you can now keep people accountable for the information shared.

Packed with amazing features

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Content Management

Manage and store all your documents, notifications and leave on a secure, easy-to-use CMS.

White Label Solution

Make the solution your own by setting up your own CI on the Mobile Application.

App User Management

Fully manage your mobile application user’s information and activate or deactivate users to gain access.

Document Management

Manage, group and filter documentations so app users have the latest version at their fingertips. Personalise the relevance of each document with a conditional disclaimer.

Leave Management

Upload the balances, input the leave taken; we accumulate and calculate the leave balances per legislated guidelines.

Notification Scheduler

Schedule and send mobile notification to any individual or group of app users. Scheduling can be done by date and time.

Payroll Integration

The solution seamlessly integrates with VIP or other Payroll systems via an API to eliminate any duplication of work. Talk to us about custom integration.

POPI Compliant

The solution is POPI Compliant certified by Baitseanape Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd


Benefits of using InterApp

  • Security

    All the documentation and notifications are totally secure for sharing. Therefore, personal and private documents are shared without risk. The users of the Mobile Application cannot share any documentation directly from the app so no confidentiality is breached.

  • Reporting

    Our advanced reporting make sure that you have a record of all activities from the CMS and Mobile Application. Disclaimers and notifications gets tracked so that you can know who accepted the disclaimers and who has read your documentation and notifications.

  • Save money

    How much time do you spend sending and monitoring documents to staff members or clients?  Make your life easier and always have the latest documents available to all staff or clients. Be more efficient and save money.

  • Urgent Messaging

    Can’t get hold of your Sales team? Now you can communicate via in-app notification or SMS with any person or Group while monitoring message reading. Deliver any urgent document or message.

  • Customizable

    If an extra module needs to be developed, we will research the feasibility of the new module and give a quote for development. You can add any cost saving module to your app.


Case Studies

Important Document Distribution

Important Document Distribution

Construction companies need to comply with Health and Safety regulations and the app is perfect to manage this process.  Documentation is available for each project to the relevant people working on the project.

When the responsible person completed the documents on site, they can scan or take a photo on a mobile device and uploaded on the CMS as proof.  The document can then be made available to who every need to have access to it and through the Disclaimer acceptance by the end-user that they have received the documents, you are now compliant.

When the team completed the project, the project lead can send a report of all the required documentation that the project team submitted on date and time and by whom.

Audit trail is complete and project documentation is compliant.

Notification for tracking

Members of a team have deadlines to meet, and through the scheduling of notifications as reminders, an auto trail is kept of each notification, when the Administrator has sent and when the end-user read the notification.

Accountability for the tasks can now be tracked.

Teams receive notifications of important documents that they need to read and deadlines communicated when the team member needs to provide feedback.  The audit trail is there to make sure the team receive their tasks and read it.

No one can make an excuse of a lost emails, emails go to junk mail or missed emails any longer.  The notification will stay highlighted until read and the audit trail will show when the end-user has read the notification.

Notification for tracking

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Choose InterApp

Why choose InterApp

We have done a lot of research to make sure we offer our clients the best solution to stay in touch with their users and make sure version control of their documents to all relevant people.

  • Amin Users can customised the App through settings for all different companies in different Industries, new modules can be developed and added, and integration to any existing system can easily be achieved.
  • All App Users have access to the latest version of all documentation and clients have records of their reports or information send to them on a centralised platform.
  • Through the Advanced Reporting you always have a record of who was responsible for uploading documents or sending notifications to staff or clients and what documents was accepted and what notifications was read.
  • The CMS is easy to use and if you don’t have a payroll system in place to manage your leave, this will ease your pain.

Getting Started

To see more or to find out how this solution can help your company, contact us or request a demo so that we can show you how your company can benefit from this amazing tool.

App is available Apple iOS and Android devices.

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