• Security

    All the documentation and notifications are totally secure for sharing. Therefore, personal and private documents are shared without risk. The users of the Mobile Application cannot share any documentation directly from the app so no confidentiality is breached.

  • Reporting

    Our advanced reporting make sure that you have a record of all activities from the CMS and Mobile Application. Disclaimers and notifications gets tracked so that you can know who accepted the disclaimers and who has read your documentation and notifications.

  • Save money

    How much time do you spend sending and monitoring documents to staff members or clients?  Make your life easier and always have the latest documents available to all staff or clients. Be more efficient and save money.

  • Urgent Messaging

    Can’t get hold of your Sales team? Now you can communicate via in-app notification or SMS with any person or Group while monitoring message reading. Deliver any urgent document or message.

  • Customizable

    If an extra module needs to be developed, we will research the feasibility of the new module and give a quote for development. You can add any cost saving module to your app.