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Important Document Distribution

Important Document Distribution

Construction companies need to comply with Health and Safety regulations and the app is perfect to manage this process.  Documentation is available for each project to the relevant people working on the project.

When the responsible person completed the documents on site, they can scan or take a photo on a mobile device and uploaded on the CMS as proof.  The document can then be made available to who every need to have access to it and through the Disclaimer acceptance by the end-user that they have received the documents, you are now compliant.

When the team completed the project, the project lead can send a report of all the required documentation that the project team submitted on date and time and by whom.

Audit trail is complete and project documentation is compliant.

Notification for tracking

Members of a team have deadlines to meet, and through the scheduling of notifications as reminders, an auto trail is kept of each notification, when the Administrator has sent and when the end-user read the notification.

Accountability for the tasks can now be tracked.

Teams receive notifications of important documents that they need to read and deadlines communicated when the team member needs to provide feedback.  The audit trail is there to make sure the team receive their tasks and read it.

No one can make an excuse of a lost emails, emails go to junk mail or missed emails any longer.  The notification will stay highlighted until read and the audit trail will show when the end-user has read the notification.

Notification for tracking